Actor Kim Hieora / Courtesy of Gram Entertainment

By KTimes

Kim Hieora, known for her role in the Netflix drama “The Glory,” has reconciled with individuals who alleged she was a bully in school, her agency Gram Entertainment said Tuesday.

This comes seven months after the accusations surfaced in September last year.

According to Gram Entertainment, Kim met with the parties involved to “clear long-held memories and reach a mutual understanding.”

The statement said that all parties have agreed to support each other’s lives moving forward.

The allegations against Kim emerged last September, accusing her of being part of a school gang during her middle school days and engaging in acts such as extorting money and forcing a younger student to run errands for cigarettes. At that time, Kim denied any involvement in gang activities or school violence.

The agency said that Kim has taken this experience as an opportunity to introspect and contemplate what it means to be a responsible member of society. “She is determined to earnestly build her life with a heavy heart in gratitude for the love she has received from the public.”

In “The Glory,” Kim portrayed Lee Sa-ra, an artist with a drug addiction who bullied the protagonist Dong-eun (played by Song Hye-kyo) during high school.

This article from the Hankook Ilbo, sister publication of The Korea Times, was translated and edited by staff of The Korea Times.

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