From Vintage Calvin Klein Jeans to Adidas Sneakers, Exactly What Madison Beer Wears in a Week

Whether she’s recording songs in the studio or getting dressed for date night, Madison Beer has developed a clear sense of style that prioritizes comfort. In the latest edition of 7 Days, 7 Looks, the 23 year-older singer gives a glimpse into the process of how she puts together cozy, cute looks for an entire week. Even when she’s performing in a corset and miniskirt, Beer will slip on ultra-soft ribbed knit socks (sans shoes) to inject comfort into her on-stage outfits. That same ease is also woven throughout her everyday looks.

“A huge style inspiration of mine is Princess Diana,” Beer elaborates in the video while explaining her running errands outfit. “I’ve pretty much taken something that she’s worn and remade it a bit. I think she just always looks so comfortable, but classy and put together.”

That comfort-first mentality is even a part of her date-night looks. “When I’m going on a date, I just want to feel like myself,” says Beer. Whether it’s the first date or the 100th, Beer’s a firm believer in always wearing something that you feel good in.

From vintage sweatshirts to retro ’90s jeans, read on to discover and shop Beer’s wardrobe.

Monday: The Stage Presence

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