Fukui: Eyeglasses-themed inn opens in ‘city of glasses’

SABAE, Fukui —Sabae Megane House is one of the latest additions to the many lodging facilities that have been popping up all over the country featuring local industries and traditional crafts.
Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, is known as “the city of glasses” and Sabae Megane House, a ryokan traditional Japanese inn, opened in April with about 100 pairs of eyeglasses thematically display throughout the building. Guests are invited to try them on.
The two-story wooden house has 11 rooms and can accommodate five to 14 people. Converted from a classic folk house, its atrium features eye-catching decorations made of eyeglasses related materials, which were placed to attract young people who like to post content on social media.
The glasses on display have been carefully selected by eight manufacturers in the city for being fashionable and made from high-quality materials.
They are not for sale, the facility operator said.

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