Ten years of building China’s framework for eco-security


A framework of shields for ecological security in China has been built, thanks to the recent 10 years’ efforts, announced the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) at a press conference in Beijing on Thursday.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, China has planted a total of 64 million hectares of trees and tended 80.5 million hectares. China’s water-eroded area has decreased by 274,900 square kilometers and desertification has shrunk by 50,000 square kilometers. China has also elevated grassland vegetation coverage to 50.32 percent. With improved ecology and environment, wild giant panda and Asian elephant populations have increased, among other species, and their distribution has also expanded.

“The tendency of ecological deterioration has been basically curbed, the overall natural ecosystem has been stabled with a trend in getting better, its service functions are gradually strengthened,” said Zhang Hua, deputy director of the NDRC Department of Rural Economy, “and the framework of shields for the country’s ecological security is basically built.”

To improve general environmental quality, the central government has invested more than 100 billion yuan (about $14 billion) in pollution control infrastructure over the past decade. Sewage treatment capacity has doubled since 2012. The treatment capacity of urban solid waste disposal has increased by 116 percent.

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